SELF Tanning Brush


Ultra-plush, synthetic fibres, densely packed for even
application and seamless blend.



The O SELF Tanning Brush is made with ultra-plush, vegan-
friendly synthetic fibres that are densely packed for even
application and seamless blend.
The curved bristles contour to the shape of the face and
body, perfect for hard-to-reach areas including hands, feet
and décolleté, while the rounded handle offers ease of
Reusable, easy to clean and designed to use with all O SELF
Tan products for professional and flawless results.
How To Use
1. To achieve a flawless, streak-free tan, prep the skin with
O SELF Tan Exfoliating Glove. Skin must be thoroughly
cleansed, exfoliated, dry and free of any products.
2. Apply desired amount of O SELF Tan product to the
3. Use the brush in long, sweeping motions to apply
product to legs, arms and body, and circular motions
to buff and blend in the self-tan. The tanning brush can
also be used to contour the face.
4. Rinse the brush with warm soapy water and leave
upside-down to dry. Ensure brush is fully dry before Next use