SELF Nourishing Tanning Oil (with Bronzer)


Enriched with Vitamins & Hyaluronic Acid – Tanning with benefits!
7% DHA



A luxurious and lightweight dry tanning oil enriched with
Argan Oil, Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters and Jojoba Oil to
nourish and hydrate the skin for a velvety soft finish and
natural glow. This buildable colour dries in an instant,
continues to develop over 4-5 hours, and does not need to
be rinsed off.
Key Ingredients
• Argan Oil: Rich in essential fatty acids, nourishing and
• Coconut Oil: Hydrating
• Jojoba Oil: Healing, rich in Vitamin E.
1. For best results, start by exfoliating skin with the SELF
Exfoliating Glove.
2. Spray the oil-mist directly onto the skin and apply evenly
in long, sweeping motions using the SELF Tanning Mitt.
3. Do not rinse off. Colour will develop in 4-5 hours.
4. For a perfect, streak free tan start with your legs before
working up the body, use sparingly on elbows and
5. Can be used daily or as needed to maintain the perfect
Top Tips
• The perfect option for the no-fuss tanner.
• Buildable colour dries in an instant, out the door tan.
• Great for dry, dehydrated skins.
• No rinse formulation with instant glow.
• Use within 6 months of opening.
• Always replace the cap when not in use.
• Vegan Friendly, Cruelty Free.
This product does not contain sunscreen and cannot
protect against UVA/UVB damage, including associated risks of skin cancer and aging.

Scent: Coco Vanilla
Size: 100ml / 3.4 oz